First Things First: Why I Study Nutritional Sciences

the first community I have ever loved is
my Jamaican community my parents are from Kingston Jamaica
but I’m first-generation so I was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut
and just seeing the culture within the Jamaican community the foods that we eat
the things that we do is so amazing but realizing throughout my life that
the foods that we eat even though it’s so good like everybody loves jerk chicken
realizing these foods may be high in sources such as sodium may be high in cholesterol
and so trying to combat that and wanting to learn how can I make a difference
in these different communities
no matter where it’d be in the US or internationally and how I could do research to help them
so I can be a difference within the community that I’m from but all the communities
that I learned more about throughout my every day-to-day encounters
with different people and so that’s why I became a nutritional science major and
that’s how my community helped me to become who I am today