Dog Food & Nutrition : Checking Dog Food Labels for Nutritional Value

Take the dog food ingredient label yourself.
As I mentioned earlier, I like customers to go home, cut the label off of their dry dog
food and actually see what they’re feeding their dog. Many dog foods are comprised of
a lot of non natural preservatives which instill color, texture and flavor. As I also mentioned,
manufacturers put a lot of fillers in dog food which give the essence of the dog being
full but still lacks nutritional value and content. As I also mentioned, the American
agency AFCO has a label on dog food stating that it does have the daily requirements for
a dog’s diet. Even though an inferior product might have the AFCO label, I still like to
challenge my customers to see exactly what’s on the label and what they’re giving to their
dog. My philosophy at Doggie Steps Dog Training is I would never feed my dog anything that
I wouldn’t eat myself.