Complete Tricep Workout For Mass

Hey, what’s up? Sean Nalewanyj of
here. And in today’s video lesson, I want to give you a brief rundown of proper triceps
training for maximizing your upper arm growth. Now, obviously bicep training is an important
part of a complete arm workout. But what most people don’t know is that your biceps — or
sorry, your triceps rather are actually about twice as big as your biceps are, and make
up about two-thirds of your overall upper arm muscle mass. So, if you really want to
maximize your upper arm growth, triceps training is really the most important part. So, your
triceps is actually made up of three individual heads. You have the long head, the lateral
head and the medial head. And the function of these heads is to straighten your upper
arm. Now, keep in mind that any time you perform any type of tricep exercise, all three heads
actually fire simultaneously. But depending on which exercise you’re performing, it basically
will shift the emphasis onto certain heads over others. So, in order to get a complete
well rounded tricep workout, you want to make sure that you include at least one movement
pattern to emphasize each individual head. So, that’s what I’m going to do in this video.
I’m just going to give you a brief rundown of each tricep head along with the best exercises
to perform to hit that head. Also keep in mind, you know, there’s literally hundreds
of different tricep exercises that you could do as part of your workout plan. So, the goal
here is to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible. And just give you some of the
most, you know, proven widely-used exercises for each category. So, let’s get started.
So, we’ll start off with the long head. And this is actually the biggest out of all three
heads, and it runs down the back of your upper arm. And I’ll put a quick picture up on the
screen here just so you know what I’m talking about. So, the best exercises for targeting
the long head are basically any type of over head extension movement. So, basically any
movement where upper arm starts behind your head with your tricep fully stretched. So,
we’re talking about overhead dumbbell extensions, either doing both arms in the same time or
one arm at a time, overhead cable rope extensions or overhead straight-bar extensions. These
are great exercise for targeting the long head. But make sure to perform these movements
using a very strict pace, and using a weight that you can control at all times, because
although they are a great exercise for hitting the triceps, they can also put your elbow
joint under a lot of stress if you perform them incorrectly. After that, we have the
lateral head. And this is the head that gives the tricep its sort of horseshoe-shape, and
it runs down the outer side of your upper arm, beside the long head. And again, I’ll
put a quick picture up just so you can see exactly where that head is located. So, to
shift the focus on to the lateral head, it’s basically going to be any type of push-down
movement. So, straight-bar, cable push-downs, rope push-downs or one arm push-downs using
a single cable attachment. And again, just like with the overhead extensions, you want
to perform these using a strict pace, and a weight that you can control at all times,
because again, this can also put stress in your elbow if you use excessive momentum or
excessive amounts of weight. And finally, we have the medial head, which runs actually
behind the long head, and this is only actually directly visible at the bottom of your upper
arm, and I’ll show you a picture of that now as well. So, the medial head is going to be
maximally stimulated on any type of close-grip pressing movement or narrow-grip dips. So,
we’re talking close-grip barbell presses, incline, decline or flat, close-grip dumbbell
presses, incline, decline or flat, or again, narrow-grip dips. It should be noted that
your medial head is actually going to be pretty heavily stimulated on any basic pressing movement,
regardless of your grip width. So, if you’re already performing a full chest workout including
basic pressing movement as well as a full shoulder routine, you know, you may or may
not need to directly stimulate the medial head. If you do want to include a close-grip
pressing movement or a narrow-grip dip in your tricep routine, you know, just to be
on the safe side, you can do that. But ultimately, I don’t think you’re going to be missing out
either way. So, that’s really all it takes to structure a complete triceps routine. You
want a overhead extension to target the long head, a push-down movement to target the lateral
head, and then optionally, a close-grip pressing movement or a narrow-grip dip to target medial
head. And as far as volume frequency, sets, reps, I mean, it’s going to vary. It’s going
to depend on your training intensity, your recovery ability. But in general, triceps
can be trained one to two times per week. You can do about two to four sets per movement,
depending on your intensity level. I mean, if you’re training to failure, obviously you’re
going to require less volume. If you’re training a few rep short of failure, you’re going to
require more volume. In terms of reps, I mean, I’ve always been a fan of the five to seven
range for stimulating hypertrophy. But ultimately, you know, a rep range all the way up to 10
is still going to be highly effective. And for your overhead extensions, and your push-downs,
I would recommend sticking to the higher end of the range, again, in order to protect your
elbow joint. So, I hope you found this video lesson useful. If you did enjoy the video,
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