Best PROVEN Ways to Lose FAT (Fat Loss Tips)

If you’re just getting started with your
fat loss goals, you might be struggling just a bit knowing exactly what you’re supposed
to do. If that’s the case, then I’m glad you
found this video. I’m gonna give you 4 great fat loss tips
without any of dragged-out fluff or fad. Let’s get started, here are 4 of my favorite
tips to help you lose fat. Number 1, Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition
Clearly, a good diet is necessary for losing weight and fat, but we often underestimate
exactly the extent of nutrition’s impact versus the other side of the coin, exercise. Not to be cliché, but you cannot outwork
a bad diet. For some perspective, a 300-calorie donut
can be devoured within… seconds. To burn that same 300 calories will take multiple
miles of running or even an entire resistance training workout. Suffice to say, tackling nutrition should
be first. Fundamentally, it means consuming fewer calories
than you burn. A safe deficit for most would be roughly 300
to 500 calories. For example, if eating 2,500 calories daily
maintains your current weight, then eating 2,000 to 2,200 calories would be fitting. How you achieve a deficit would be preferential. You’ll also need ample amounts of protein
to mitigate potential losses of muscle mass. Extra protein will make you feel full faster
plus burn more calories since it takes more energy to digest. A good place to start is 1.6 grams of protein
per kilogram of your bodyweight. A little less or more should be okay, so tinker
around and see what works for you. Now before you think that exercise is not
important at all, here comes tip number 2. For best fat loss results, do your cardio
AND resistance training. Now, one benefit of exercise itself is the
extra calories burned, which gives you more room in your diet. The question, however, is what type of exercise
should you do? If we look at the studies, cardio alone promotes
weight and fat loss but you also risk losing lean mass. You might end up being skinny fat. Resistance training, on the other hand, does
a fine job with retaining and even gaining lean muscle, but alone, it’s pretty bad
at burning fat. So why not have the best of both worlds? Doing cardio plus resistance training have
shown to not only retain muscle, but also accelerate fat loss even further than cardio
alone. That means more muscle and less fat, arguably
the aesthetic most people want. Make time for your morning spin class and
your mid-day lifting session. Number 3, The simpler, the better
A lot of people, especially beginners, struggle with this the most. And I can’t really blame em. Today’s fitness media, quite honestly, kinda
sucks. There’s always bickering about virtually
everything. Worse yet is the amount of unnecessarily dense
information about the most trivial matters. Frankly, what you need most is some basic
fundamentals. Get your workout in, as we’ve discussed,
both cardio and resistance training. Get your nutrition down, preferably good whole
food choices with a solid calorie deficit and sufficient protein. Manage your stress, as stress can hinder workout
performance or lead to poor eating habits. And, get your sleep. Recovery is numero uno in importance and no
better recovery tool there is than sleep. Stick to these and you’ll get pretty darn
far. There will be a time where more specific approaches
can get you even further, many of which I‘ve covered in other videos. Please check them out when the time comes. And number 4, Consistency is Your Money Maker
Common sense yet hardly common practice. The 3 tips I’ve given so far were set up
to ultimately lead into this final tip. Consistently good nutrition, Tip 1. Consistently exercising, Tip 2. And by keeping it simple, Tip 3, it’s much
easier to stay consistent. Consistency is needed if you want to undo
all the poor habits and excess fat gain you accumulated in years past. Sorry, contrary to your grocery-aisle fitness
magazines, there are simply no secret magic shortcuts to fat loss or any fitness goal
for that matter. Fitness is, at least should be, a lifelong
commitment. It’s not a race to see who achieves the
thinnest waist first, although I have you all beat indefinitely. In essence, consistency and PATIENCE are what
matter most. Be patient my friend. You’ll thank yourself in the long run. And that’s a wrap. My 4 personal best tips if you want to lose
fat. If you need some more personal help, come
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