BCAAs Explained in 60 seconds – Should You Supplement With BCAAs?

BCAAs. What are they? Should you be taking
them? BCAAs are actually amino acids, branched chain
amino acids. They’re also “essential” amino acids, which means your body can’t make them
and you have to eat them. And there are three of them.
Isoleucine, which helps with energy uptake and preserves protein breakdown.
Valine, which isn’t all that special. It does what the other two do but it’s not really
good at it, kind of more of a tagalong. Then there’s leucine, which is THE main BCAA.
It helps preserve lean mass, increase insulin levels, and most importantly, it activates
mTOR, which promotes muscle growth. Leucine is so important that studies even found it’s
better when taken alone than BCAAs mixed together. Kind of like the Beyonce of the group.
So BCAAs are pretty important stuff and is usually recommended to take between 5-20 grams
a day. Thing is, you’re already taking it. Proteins, such as chicken, beef, eggs, and
peanuts, all contain loads of BCAAs. If you consume enough protein in general, supplementation
is simply unnecessary. They’re even in the protein shake that some of you drink! Unless
you’re eating very little protein or on an extreme weight loss plan, skip the supplement
and fry up the pan instead! Ask your questions in the comments. Thanks
for watching!