Banana Fruit Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts: Lose Weight, Fight Cancer & Boost Energy

Health Benefits Of Banana For Men And Women. Banana is a common fruit which can be found
in most parts of the world. In some countries, it is used in making desserts
or blended for juice. It is also common for a banana to be eaten
in its raw form. Banana belongs to the Musa plant family and
contains lots of vital nutritional elements that make it a good food choice. Nutritional facts about banana. Banana fruit is known to contain essential
vitamins and nutrients. Based on research, a 100-gram serving of bananas
contain 360 milligrams of potassium, one milligram of salt, 12 grams of sugar, 1.1 grams of protein,
0.3 grams of fat, and 2.6 grams of dietary fiber, among other trace minerals. Health benefits of consuming banana fruit. The following are some of the health benefits
of eating bananas. � For better night sleep. Banana contains tryptophan which is an amino
acid. Tryptophan is essential in the formation of
melatonin which in turn leads to the formation of serotonin or the sleep hormone. Eating one banana fruit before going to bed
can help to deal with insomnia. � For regulating blood sugar. Bananas are rich in proteins and healthy fatty
acids which aid in decelerating the rate of sugar absorption in the body. The maintenance of blood sugar level leads
to next point. � For shedding weight. The balanced blood sugar level promotes the
release of glucagon which helps in burning fat. Moreover, the filling effect of banana ensures
that food craving is put under control which is a common problem with obese persons. � As a remedy for constipation. Bananas are rich in soluble fibers which are
essential for proper digestion. Since indigestion is one of the causes of
constipation, eating fiber-rich foods like bananas will help in treating this condition. � For treating bloating. Like the many symptoms of indigestion, bloating
can also be treated by eating bananas. The presence of potassium in bananas aids
in the reducing water retention while the probiotic-stimulating property helps to keep
bloating at bay. � As an energy booster. Banana fruit is a rich source of glucose which
gives an instant energy boost for athletes. If you need a boost of energy before an activity
or after expending energy you can eat bananas for instant energy replacement. � For fighting cancer. The high antioxidant content in bananas helps
in combating cancerous growths. A study even attests to this fact as it showed
that large amounts of delphinidin � an antioxidant found in bananas � can be used in preventing
the growth of cancer cells in the stomach. � As a remedy for iron-deficient anemia. Banana fruit contains iron which is important
for transferring oxygen through the blood. Iron-deficient anemia makes it hard for oxygen
to be transferred to various parts of the body. � For detoxifying the body. Banana fruit contains pectin which is a soluble
fiber that helps in detoxifying the body. If you need a natural detoxifier, then you
should consider eating bananas. � For strong bones and teeth. Calcium is part of the numerous minerals found
in bananas. This means that consuming bananas can help
in promoting strong bones and teeth because of the calcium content. � Immune system booster. Bananas contain carotenoids which are antioxidants
that aid in guarding the body against infections and diseases. Eating a banana each day can help to boost
your body�s immune system. � Good for the kidney. Studies have proven that daily consumption
of bananas will help in the prevention of kidney diseases. This is partly due to the potassium content
in bananas which is good for the kidneys. � For lean muscles. Bananas contain magnesium in a reasonable
concentration. It is known that magnesium helps in the breakdown
of proteins which is essential for the formation of lean muscles. Moreover, the magnesium content stimulates
lipolysis which is helpful in reducing fat. � For quick recovery. The body can feel burnt-out after an exhausting
exercise due to the loss of essential nutrients. For a quick replenishment of lost electrolytes,
eating bananas is a healthy choice. � For improving your bad mood. Bananas contain B vitamins like folate which
is helpful in the treatment of stress-related problems. Eating bananas will assist in elevating depressed
minds. � For alleviating insulin sensitivity. Eating unripe bananas can help in alleviating
insulin sensitivity which is a common cause of health problems like diabetes. Unripe bananas are rich in resistant starch
which is the active component in improving insulin resistance. � For PMS symptoms. The symptoms of PMS (post-menstrual syndrome)
in women can be alleviated through the consumption of bananas. Moreover, bananas aid in relieving stress. � For the treatment of hemorrhoids. Eating one banana early in the morning is
a proven natural remedy for internal hemorrhoids. The inner part of banana peel finds a use
in the treatment of external hemorrhoids. � For treatment of heartburn. Heartburns can be the symptom of a health
condition such as an ulcer or caused by the backflow of stomach acid. Eating a banana when having a heartburn will
help to relieve the burning sensation. � For treating the symptoms of flu. Consuming bananas when you have a fever can
help in lowering the body temperature. In addition, you can eat the fruit on a hot
day to reduce the effect of the scorching sun. This is possible due to the anti-inflammatory
properties of banana. Adverse side effects of consuming bananas. Diabetes patients are strongly advised not
to consume large amounts of bananas due to the high sugar content of banana. In addition, eating bananas during constipation
can be counter-productive in some persons, according to studies. All in all, the consumption of bananas offer
great health benefits with little or no adverse side effects, especially when consumed moderately. If you love this video, please like, share
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