Back And Biceps Workout For Mass (All You Need Is A Pull-Up Bar)

What’s going on guys? Troy here with
And I got an awesome back and biceps workout that you can do with just a pull-up bar. And
this is going to blast your back and biceps in a different way than I guarantee you guys
have ever, ever trained. So you have three different ways to train a muscle. You have
isometric, which is literally just like a static hold of a muscle. And you have concentric,
which is what you guys probably only do, which is just contracting. So when you’re contracting
a muscle like this, that’s concentric. And then there’s eccentric, which is actually
the most effective when you’re talking about lengthening and building a muscle. Eccentric
is when you’re going down, say for instance on a bicep curl, you’re going down really
slow, that’s the eccentric portion. So this back and biceps workout with just a pull-up
bar us going to work your muscles in all three of those ways. So only four exercises, but
it’s super challenging. We’ve got super sets. And I’m going to dive right into it.
So first up, we’ve got the old-fashioned wide grip pull-ups. So I’m going to jump
up here. And the important thing is you want to go down slowly controlled, lock. Put your
chin above the bar. And we’re going to super set this with an isometric back hold. So what
you’re going to do, you’re literally just going to flex your back like this. And this
is going to be really challenging. You’re going to hold this for as long as you can.
I recommend anywhere from like 30 to 45 seconds. And you’re going to get like some really
delta there if you hold your arms up like I am right now. And that’s how that works.
And now we’re going to go into an under grip, we’re going to go close grip underhand,
so this is really going to hit our biceps. And then we’re going to be super setting
this with an isometric bicep pose, so this is going to blast your arms. So we got closed
grip bicep. And what you want to do is you literally want to superset. And you’re just
going to flex your biceps like this. Keep that muscle, keep that isometric pose. You’re
going to hold that starting flex. And you’re going to, I mean, just what I did there, you
just feel a big strain in your bicep muscle. That’s really challenging. Next up we’re
going to do a really, really challenging form of a pull-up, but I guarantee you guys mostly
have never done before. So you’re going to go medium grip. And what you’re going
to do is, you’re going to get up to the top, and you’re just going to hold this
position. Go until failure. And you’re just going to hold this position. Go until failure.
Should be about 30 seconds. Go down nice and slow. And you’re going to continue to feel
it in your arms and your back. I mean I feel a huge pump right now in my biceps just from
doing that. And last but not least, this is a killer, killer exercise. Might be actually
too advanced for a lot of you guys, but definitely give it a try. Try to build up to it. So what
you’re going to do here, I’m going to flip around to show you, you’re going to
do pretty close to a wide grip pull-up. And what you’re going to do is you’re going
to focus on the eccentric portion. You’re going to focus on going down really, really
slow. So this is going to lengthen and build that muscle in a different way. So going up,
and you go down real, real slow, just like this. All the way like that and you guys obviously
don’t have to do them back to back to back. I recommend doing, you know, two or three
sets of each. But make sure you hit those supersets. Focus on those isometric holds
especially for you guys who are, you know, lifting for aesthetics. You know, lifting
for, you know, the visual reasons. Definitely try those isometric holds. It’s a different
way of working your muscle group that I guarantee you guys, you know, have never done and your
body should respond instantly to it.