B12 Explained: Should Vegans Supplement?

Vitamin B12 is made by neither animals nor plants but by microbes A whole foods, plantbased diet can help prevent, treat and reverse many of our leading causes of death But because of current agricultural practices it’s difficult to obtain vitamin B12 naturally anymore Before we started destroying the soil an washing things, we used to get it from things like unwashed vegetables and well water Non- human animals still get some from there and some from eating their own feces It can also be found in dead animals because they get some from the soil and farmers inject them with it But since B12 can be destroyed by some forms of heating, meat, dairy and eggs aren’t necessarily a reliable source Both Vegans and non- Vegans can become deficient if they don’t supplement But it’s fortified into many everyday products like cereals so most people don’t have to think about it Our bodies can re- absorb it from our intestine so it can take years for a deficiency to occur As a Vegan you can get it from fortified foods like dairy- free milks, yeast flakes or Marmite You can also get it from tablets, sprays and injections Since credible doctors like Michael Greger recommend supplementing B12 as a Vegan, the simplest option is to take a weekly B12 supplement providing at least 2 500 μg ”Everybody needs to insure regular, reliable source of vitamin B12 that’s including those people who eat meat Yes, they get it from meat, but that’s not where you wanna get your nutrients It’s lacking all these wonderful things we want like fiber, um- And has some things that we don’t want like saturated transfats, cholesterol ect. Just like we can’t get the iron in beef without the saturated fat, the protein in pork wihout lard, the calcium in dairy without hormones, we can’t get the B12 in animals without also consuming stuff we don’t want like cholesterol For example, to get 47 μg of B12 from eggs because the absorbtion is so low, we’d have to literally eat hundrends of scrambled eggs a day 200 to 400 eggs a day The hygienic source, the safest source the healthiest source, the cheapest source is vitamin B12 supplements The cheapest way to get our B12 is probably one 2 500 μg supplement, chewable or liquid supplement of ccyanocobalamin once a week It’s easy to dismiss supplementation as unhealthy and unnatural But in the world we live in, this kind of purity is illogical and unhealthy in itself Keep in mind that clothing is a supplement just as a toothbrush is But they do as good So we shouldn’t refuse them The reason why we you have to take is that- 500 years ago we got our B12 the same place the deer and antilope did We drank stream water we- pulled up unwashed vegetables and ate them And- The B12 is made by the soil bacteria and they (mumble) in the water And because of modern sanitation those sources’ve been taken away from us And for that reason you need to take a B12 supplement and feel okay about it It’s okay to take those supplements Don’t neglect it, it’s serious business Subtitles by the Amara.org community