ASK UNMC! What does a healthy 200-calorie snack look like?

Snacks in general are kind of an extra.
The American Cancer Society has done a lot of research that shows that our
obesity epidemic steps right in line with and phenomenon that in America
people are now getting about an extra 100 to 200 calories a day from snacks. So
when we talk about a 200 calorie snack the idea is to limit your snacks to 200
calories or less per day. That’s the best way to help control your weight. A snack
should be used when there’s a long gap between meals or your activity is high
and so your body is needing more nourishment. The perfect snack in my mind
as a dietitian has a combination of carbohydrate and protein or carbohydrate
and fat. The carbohydrate gives you quick energy the protein and fat helped with a
little staying power. And I think of things like cheese and fruit or
whole-grain crackers with a little peanut butter, a half of a turkey sandwich,
even a salad with a hard-boiled egg on it, can all be under 200 calories.