AHA CEO Nancy Brown Speaks on School Nutrition Rollbacks

(joyful music) – Millions of children rely on federally funded school breakfast and lunches for nutritious meals. But recent rollbacks by the
U.S. Department of Agriculture mean that children may receive
unhealthy levels of salt and refined grain when they
return to school next month. Hi, I’m Nancy Brown, CEO of
the American Heart Association. Under the USDA’s new so-called
flexible nutrition standards for schools, only half
of grain products served such as bread, pasta and cereal will have to be whole grain-rich. Previously this requirement
apply to all grain servings. The new standards also delayed
the second sodium reduction target by seven years and
eliminate the final target allowing unhealthy levels
of salt in school meals. Association volunteer Gina Conyers worries that this puts her child at risk, so she took her concerns to Congress. When it comes to our children’s health there should be no flexibility. Failing to meet the science-based
standards for school meals puts our children in peril. I challenge you to stand with
the American Heart Association on this vital issue. Sign our petition online
and let’s go to work.