A Little Damage

– Gah, this just gets
worse and worse, Priscilla. This sucks, all right let me
fill you in on what’s going on. Good morning guys, let’s get the girl up. Hello. Time to wake up, time
for school, happy day. Left turn, the other way. Go ahead. Do the thing. You gotta move it around. Move it, move it, move it. Okay, go get your breakfast, mom’s got it down there for you, good job. And we’re at school, she had a
little bit of a rough morning so had to, had to help her out. Good now, huh, ready for school? Ab, Abbie, hello? – [Priscilla] How do
you want to get her out? – [Asa] Abbie, ready? Aw man, we missed it
by like, three minutes. Almost made it. Get your shoes, shoes on, get your shoes, can you get your shoes, shoes please. – [Priscilla] She has a
teenage attitude today. Shoes, get them shoes. – [Administrator] I’m ready. I saw a little bit of it
yesterday, she passed me in the hallway and this
look she gave me was like. – [Woman on Walkie Talkie]
All the students are tardy at this time, all the students are tardy. – [Asa] Do you hear that, you’re tardy. – [Administrator] Get your stuff. – [Asa] Come on. Goodbye, I hope your day improves. – Good morning. – [Asa] Morning. She gets that from you. – Whatever, that’s a morning
attitude from her father. – Come on, not the president. Just got done at Abbie’s
school, we had a parent action committee meeting today,
this is the first, first meeting where you were not
the president, in fact, right? – It was, yeah. – [Asa] Was that weird? – It was weird, it was nice though. I just walked in– – [Asa] I saw you, maybe I
just, maybe it wasn’t accurate but, it felt like at one
point you stopped talking and let the new president talk. – Well, yeah. – You were gonna say
something and then he like eh, and then you’d let her finish it. – Yeah, but, you know, I mean, and she said oh, “I’m glad
you’re here just sit next to me.” and you know ’cause I’m
there for support, obviously. – Yeah, ’cause Priscilla started the pack. – Yeah. – She’s the one that
got it all going, which, because she had experience,
you know, in public school in a larger, in a much
larger school so she was able to bring that experience in. Which, you were the
president of Isaiah’s school. – Yep. – We’re at the doctor,
Priscilla’s checkup. How many months is this? – The end of this month
will be five months, right? – [Asa] Eh, five month, yeah I think so. – [Doctor] Hi, how are you? – [Priscilla] Good, how are you? – [Doctor] Good, questions
about diet, exercise, are you happy with where you are? – [Priscilla] I am. – [Doctor] Okay, good. – [Priscilla] Are you
happy with where I am? – [Doctor] My answer is the
same as what your answer is, so because everybody does this
for the wrong reason, right? So a lot of people, the main
reason of doing it is to try and live longer, right? So you try and control health
issues and so you don’t really know if you’ve done that
until you live longer. If you need to see me in
December, you can call, if there’s an issue or question. But, otherwise I’ll just see you in March. – [Priscilla] Perfect, thank you so much. – [Doctor] Sure thing, you’re doing great, keep up the good work. – [Priscilla] Thank you. – [Doctor] Try the support group. – [Priscilla] Okay. – [Asa] You don’t have to
go back for six months. – [Priscilla] I know. – [Asa] It’s like getting
released off probation. – Right, I’ll just come
back for my year check up. – [Asa] Yeah. – How cool is that? – [Asa] That’s amazing. – Yeah and his goal, like,
what they like to see is that you’ve lost 100 pounds by your year mark. So I’ve got 20 pounds to go. – [Asa] Right, not for
everybody but, based on, like– – Based on your weight, yeah. – [Asa] whatever your weight
was before, what, you know, what it was before. That’s awesome. – How cool is that? I’m so excited. I was bummed because I was
heavier in there than I was on our scale, I was like, oh
I gotta take off my shoes, can I take off my dress too? Like, I’ll just take, what
would they do if I started taking my stuff off? You’d think they’d panic? – [Asa] Yeah, no, wait, wait,
taking the earrings off. – Like, oh these? Look at how bejeweled these shoes are. – [Asa] Yeah, they’re easily a pound. – Yeah, my hair’s still wet
from washing it this morning, like, it’s retaining water. No but, honestly– – So can we go eat? – Yeah. – That’s the question, I’m starving. – I told Asa, you know, I
feel like I’m, like heavier because I’m retaining water
because it’s so hot here right now and I’m not drinking enough. – [Asa] Yeah. – So I definitely am dehydrated. – I’m proud of ya. – Thank you. So on the way to the doctor’s
office, I thought, oh crap, I wore a dress today. Like, I typically wear a top
and a bottom because they wanna check, like, your incisions
but, last time he didn’t check them he just like,
rubbed my belly I think. I don’t think he actually
like, looked at anything. – [Asa] Not last time he didn’t, no. – Anyway, this time he was
like, okay let’s check your incisions and I’m like, uh What, did I look funny? – Yeah because he rolls his
little stool over to you and you just kinda, you went
to like, you pulled your dress up to your knees a little
bit and then you just kinda sat there and he’s like, just a peak. – I’m like, oh gosh. – Yeah, so you like pulled
your dress up to your chest. – So if that’s a tip I can give anyone, don’t wear a dress.
– Don’t wear a dress. to the doctor like that– – Doctor or not, it’s a little awkward. – It was super awkward and I
was just sitting there like, you know, that’s not the
cute, you’re like, no, no let me stand up and show you. I could never like– – It was just so funny because
he was so close to you– – So close to me. – ‘Cause he was committed and
you were, you just sat there, just a peak. – Like what do you
mean, what are we doing? Just rub, like touch me with my dress on. I’m not taking my dress up, doctor. I was so awkward and then it’s
really awkward ’cause you’re sitting next to me,
like, you’re my husband but, now I’m like, I feel like
I’m cheating or something. It’s so weird. – Yes, talked her into tacos. – It’s nice ’cause I can
get like chicken or beef and almost like a fajita– – I’m telling you tacos
are like the greatest food on the planet, think about it. It’s got like all the food groups in one like, little package,
hand held, it’s perfect. You got your bone? You love those things, those
are sweet potato something. Made from sweet potato, I don’t know. Pulled a Karen. – Why? – Said, “let me talk to your manager.” Oh, that makes me mad. I don’t mind, people
screw up, that happens. But, man when you don’t own up to it, that irks me. I can’t believe they did that, Cilla. – I know. – Manager’s on his way. Like, the regional manager. – [Priscilla] Oh. – Yeah. – And they know they did wrong
because as soon as we pulled up in the driveway he got
in the truck and backed out. – [Asa] Well he didn’t
pull all the way through, when they busted it, he
backed up to get off of it, once he busted it and they
were just, I guess they were gonna hope I didn’t notice. This guy was just standing
there, smoking a cigarette like nothing happened. – Yeah. – I’ll show you guys what
I’m talking about here in a minute, what they
destroyed in the yard. But first, more importantly,
Abbie’s iPad came, with a case and screen protector, yay. I’ll link all this stuff
down below, once you know, if you’re looking for one at a good price and pay for the protection
plan it’s like 35 bucks and they just fix it or
replace it as needed. But, I’ll link all that down
below once we get all this unboxed, start putting it together, get Abbie’s communication app on there. She’ll still use her old
one from time to time, it’s handy to have two ’cause
she, like, she goes through an iPad battery in a day. I’m sure a lot of you parents can relate. She won’t leave it
charged like with anything plugged into it, she pulls it,
she won’t sit down with like, a charger plugged into
it, nothing like that. Like, she can’t have a
wire hanging out of it, so that doesn’t help. What, what are you pulling me for? Sweetheart, did she have a snack? – [Priscilla] She had vanilla wafers– – That’s right, you had a
huge plate of snack, I saw it. Don’t even try to play me, I saw you. Gah, this just gets worse
and worse Priscilla. This sucks, all right, let me
fill you in what’s going on. So part of the deal with the
house, we got the price of the house reduced ’cause it needed a new roof. So part of the deal with the
house, we got the price of the house reduced ’cause it needed a new roof. So we had to replace the entire
roof, they took the price off the house, it’s a fine deal with me. So, the guys were here
to deliver the shingles and they rode up, drove up in the yard, they weren’t supposed to
and they caused some damage. So they busted up the
sidewalk driving over that when they realized they drove
up on it, they back off of it, when they realized they broke it. So cracked the sidewalk all to
heck, I mean, the bricks all busted up, they rutted a
huge rut through the yard and then, I walked by and the
water box is filling up with water that’s serviced from the streets. That’s our main water line
coming into the house. They cracked the lining, see
the sand boiling down in the bottom where that water’s
just filling up in there and leaking, running all over the place. So, it’s probably gonna swamp
the yard, they’ll have to pull the sod out, they’ll
have to dig down in there, they might have to bust
out the curb to get to replace that water line. – [Priscilla] Are you serious? – Oh yeah, it’s gone be a construction job outside of our house. Again, accidents happen, you know? People do dumb things,
don’t, but don’t be like, oh, I was supposed to, oh,
and act like nothing happened. That’s not a good way to be. I do wanna say though, the
manager was like, “we’ll fix it.” – Oh, good. – Yeah, he’s like, “we’ll fix it.” I mean, he’s upset but,
he said they’ll fix it. I don’t wanna put the company
on blast so I can’t show you guys their truck but, it’s
a, you know, it’s a flatbed, triple axle, two sets of
dually’s in the back, cove, you know, filled with
shingles and a big crane on it to lift the shingles on, it’s
a huge truck so this ain’t, you know, they didn’t just run
up there in a pickup truck. This is like a semi truck
driving through your yard. – Another manager, so
there’s like, two managers out there now? I think it’s the manager
for the drivers of the truck and then the actual
roofing company manager. They’re both out there. You know, this just goes to
show you like, simple thing, a simple thing can turn
in so bad and guess what? They didn’t even have to
get in our yard or anything. They were able to go
right in our driveway, they were like, “oh, we didn’t
know that was your driveway.” like, where y’all think we park, what? So Asa’s gonna go out there
and see what’s going on now. But, I think there’s
gonna be some construction in our near future. There he goes, he’s looking serious. – [Asa] Icing on the cake would
be if they dropped a pallet in the pool. – [Priscilla] They did what? – [Asa] No, I said the icing
on the cake would be if they dropped a pallet in the pool. – I’m like you better be
kidding me, get them off of my house right now. – What? – [Priscilla] You, I just gave you food. – No, she’s asking for something else. – Oh, all right, let’s get this– – The G-O-L-F C-A-R-T, I know,
baby, I was supposed to be doing something else, not
dealing with roof stuff, so I gotta get this done. Hey, listen, listen we’ll go tonight on a golf cart ride, okay, you heard? – Yeah, our whole afternoon’s
messed up, I was supposed to be filming at triple p. – I know, I’m sorry. – I’m stressed. – So I think our, our timing like, with as much as we
have going on right now, we need to allow a little bit
more cushion for disasters. – Uh, duh. – Well, I mean, things happen. – Yeah but, I mean, did
you even know they were delivering these today? – No. – Exactly, so– – Well we shouldn’t be involved at all. They should just be delivering
and then, you know– – Right. – But, we ended up getting
involved, obviously. Oh, we’re making a power point
right now for Priscilla’s presentation, she has
to be on stage talking for thirty minutes. – Oh my gosh you guys have no
idea, I’m so stressed out– – This weekend. – In front of 500 people. – Yee yee, that’s gonna be fun. – Do you want all the
kisses and all the loves? – [Asa] What is that? – [Priscilla] You wanna go? – [Asa] We can’t go right
now, we have to get this done, I know, I know, I’m sorry,
we have to get this done. Mom’s on a deadline. – Oh my gosh, I’m past my deadline. – [Asa] She’s past her deadline. – We had a water main break. Okay, well, let’s get
this done and then we’ll– – We’ll do stuff, okay? Promise, then go, just
go, no you said bathroom, go to the bathroom. They’re done, they’re gonna
come out tomorrow and fix all of the things. – Oh, good. – They know that we have a
YouTube channel, I told them, I said, “don’t, we’re not
putting any companies on blast or anything like that, it’s
not the right thing to do. Don’t worry about that.” So, he was like, “oh I
appreciate it.” he’s like, “I don’t need that.” like, no, no, that would not
be the right thing to do. Mistakes happen, you know? – And they made it right. – Yeah, absolutely, he said,
you know and I was super frustrated at the time ’cause I was like, “why would you do,” but, you know, mistakes happen and
when you make a mistake, you just make it right, that simple. – I’m pretty, I’m impressed with the customer service, actually. – Absolutely. – Yeah. – It’ll be a happy ending. – Great job. – We hope, we still have to
get the water company to come out and repair that– – Oh are we waiting on them? – Yeah, they have to come
out and I think they’re doing that tomorrow. – Oh okay. – Yeah, tomorrow morning. Hey. – Hi.
– Why, what do you mean? – It’s the king. – Not yet, no. – You wanna tell them? – I got nominated for
homecoming king because my friends are dorks. – I’m so excited for you. – I didn’t even make,
like I didn’t even run. My friends just made posters
for me and started posting them on the internet. – Aw, that’s awesome buddy– – Four people, yeah it’s four other guys. – can I vote? – I don’t think you can vote. – Well I should be able to. – It wouldn’t make sense– – Can you vote for yourself? – you’re not a high school student, yeah. – Oh good. – You look like you’d be
a good homecoming king. – Yeah? – Yeah. – I’d be a nervous homecoming king. – Abbie, your brother
could be homecoming king, isn’t that exciting? – Aw, I’m so excited for
you, if nothing else, I mean, you were nominated, that’s pretty cool. – Oh yeah, it’s really cool. – Like you get to walk
out on the field Friday. – Yes. – During halftime with your uniform on. – Yes. – Yeah, can I come to the pep rally? – I don’t care. – Really? – Yeah. – I’m Tik Tok famous, they’ll
probably recognize me. Oh, oh, we could go on
Tik Tok, do a Tik Tok for homecoming king before they vote and people might
recognize you, we got you. – I don’t think that’s the way
we should, that should be the last thing on our list of things to do. We’ll work on it, we’ll
work on your Tik Tok. – We already bought him a king outfit. – Oh my goodness. – You weren’t apart of that? – I know, I didn’t know it
was actually ordered though. – Oh yeah it’s ordered. – Yes it’ll be here tomorrow. – She ordered it, the moment
she sent me the picture, I said, “oh that’s cool.” and she said, “okay, I just ordered it.” – Yep, in blue. – A king costume was ordered, guys. – And what, our class color is
blue so as long as the voting is Friday, I’m okay ’cause I can wear it. – But, either way, you can wear it. – Okay, mad scramble, we got
to help, gotta help Isaiah win homecoming king so, we’re
gonna do what we do best. We’re gonna make a video. The music’s gonna be copyright though. – Yeah it is. – Oh, is it? – Yeah. So you’re gonna have to watch
it on my dumpster channel. I’ll put that up above. Yeah, right there, right there. And action. Little less of a shrug. – [Isaiah] Little less of a shrug, okay. – [Asa] Yeah, more in the hands, go. – And action. Okay, one more time. I think we got enough. – Yeah? – [Asa] I think it turned out well. – Awesome. – [Asa] We’ll see how the edit
goes, I’m really excited to edit it, you know it’s
the first thing I’m doing when we get home. – Well yeah– – [Asa] After we eat. – After we eat? No, you don’t get to eat until you finish. – [Asa] Please? – No. – [Asa] Please? – Get in the editing room right now. – Pulled the camera out for
the real world challenge. We stopped to get fast food
real quick ’cause we’re out late doing this and it’s super hard to order,
especially this time of night ’cause this is when she yells the most. So Isaiah’s back there trying
to distract her and everything else he can do to get her to stop yelling. It’s very stressful. You like that? – Yeah. – [Asa] Hoco bro. You guys good? – We are. – [Asa] I’m gonna go do this. – Okay. – [Asa] Be the fastest
video turn around ever. – Even if you don’t win, you’re
gonna win, you better win. You better win or I’m gonna
go on that field Friday. – [Asa] What’d you think? – I thought it was gonna
be cheesy and that was, that was so freaking cool. – Aw. – I wanna watch it again. – Okay, people freaking out yet? – Yeah. – Yeah, look at this, look
this is, okay, honestly this is how we do, I mean, I’m just
gonna, I’m gonna be straight up with you, this is how we do.
– [Isaiah] I look like I’m running for president,
I’ve got my campaign team. – [Asa] Isaiah went out
and got some airheads. – [Isaiah] How’s it going over here? – I went on Pinterest. – [Asa] She’s putting la,
she’s got a label maker, label printer and she’s
printing off labels that, what does it say? – Don’t be an airhead, vote
Isiah Moss for homecoming king and I put Eagles since they’re the Eagles. – And we’ve got an IV drip
back here going so she doesn’t have to stop working,
so she stays nutritious. Keep working, you’re doing great. Maverick, get to work. – [Asa] I love the commitment so– – [Isiah] Look at you–
– [Asa] You’re like my boy is gone win. – He’s gone win or I’ma be out on that football field, y’all cheatin’. – [Asa] There are a few
things more satisfying than getting a screen protector
on perfect, I’m so excited. There are a few things more
frustrating than ordering a timber glass screen protector
and one comes in the box with the iPad case, dang it. Okay, here is the setup guys. So this is her little case, it’s got, it’s pretty cool ’cause it’s got a strap, which I like a lot, I
like that it has a strap. But, it’s got the handles on
it because the biggest thing is her dropping it or you
know, losing grip on it and dropping it. It did come with a kickstand
but, I took it off ’cause it was just extra weight for
her but, it’s a nice kickstand. She just doesn’t use it so
I just took it off the back it just unscrews. But, this whole setup, iPad
case, and screen protector that I didn’t need was less
than 200 bucks with the $35 warranty on it. Oh my goodness, this week,
this week is rough, Cilla. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – So much going on. All right so, Isaiah’s,
tomorrow for spirit week you have way back Wednesday, right? – [Isaiah] Yeah. – [Asa] This is Isaiah’s,
his greaser outfit for way back Wednesday. – Grease lightening, I don’t
know any lines from that movie. – [Priscilla] Oh my gosh,
it’s such a good movie. – My bad, imagine the
hair is slicked back too. – [Asa] Can you sing Summer Lovin’? – ♪ Summer lovin’ happen so fast. ♪ – [Asa] There you go. – ♪ Met a girl, crazy for me. ♪ – ♪ Met a boy, cute as can be. ♪ – [Asa] ♪ Summer days, ♪ – [All] ♪ drifting away to
oh oh the summer nights ♪ ♪ oh well oh well oh well oh ♪ ♪ Tell me more tell me more ♪ – Oh that’s your part to say. – ♪ like did he have a car ♪ – [Asa, Isaiah] ♪ tell
me more tell me more ♪ – [Priscilla] ♪ did she,
did you get very far? ♪ – [Asa] Wow, that’s crude. – Well that’s what they say. – It was the 90’s. – Okay, the week is crazy. We’re not gonna stress, we got this. It’s under control, it’s no problem. – [Isaiah] That’s funny. – Isaiah was nominated
for homecoming king, Priscilla, was supposed
to leave early on Friday to go to it, but, they’re
gonna have the homecoming thing at the game and stuff so
now you’re leaving later for the weekend. – Yeah, I’m gonna leave, probably– – She’s going to a lime
live thing, if we didn’t say that earlier, that’s
where she’s speaking at. – Yeah, so I’m gonna, I’ll
just miss the Friday event, which is not a big deal. – [Asa] Right. – I mean, family comes first,
it’s the joy of this business and then I’ll get there super late Friday. And my conference part is on Saturday so, and then, we have a conference
next week that we’re participating in that we
haven’t even talked about. – We do, so wish Priscilla
luck ’cause by the time you’re watching this it’s getting
like, real, I don’t know, close to that time so. All right, see you guys
tomorrow, everybody say bye. – Bye. (upbeat music)