6 Things You Should Never Do After Eating A Big Meal

six things you should never do after
eating a big meal after a heavy-duty meal all people want to do is lay down
for a nap but a nap and a few other things may not be such a good idea after
eating a large meal experts say that there are certain things people should
avoid doing right after they eat when we eat a lot of things happen to our body
our blood flow changes our digestive system jumps into over gear and our
bodily functions change drastically that’s why some experts say when we have
a big meal we should avoid doing any excess activity or drinking certain
things so our body can digest our meals properly it might sound weird but
there’s actual science behind it if you’re a lover of all things food and
curious about what experts say you should or shouldn’t do after eating a
big meal you’ve reached the right place before we
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number six smoking we are all well aware of the dangers of smoking but did you
know that smoking after eating may not be such a good idea if your smoker who
enjoys pumping a cigarette after a nice meal you may not be happy to hear this
smoking right after a meal may cause stomach irritability if you already have
an irritable stomach or suffer from irritable bowel syndrome smoking after
every meal may cause even more discomfort
if you have a weak stomach or stomach issues it might be a good idea to skip
out on the post meal cigarette number five
laying down as they just mentioned the first thing I want to do when I finish
eating a big meal is lay down and take a nice long nap but this can lead to
bloating heartburn and discomfort according to a study conducted at the
University of lo and Nina Medical School those who wait a longer period of time
to go to sleep after eating had a lower risk of having a stroke researchers
concluded that people should wait at least a couple of hours after eating a
meal before going to bed in addition to this when you’re laying down after a
meal you may feel bloated if you lay down on
your stomach or sleep on your stomach it could cause digestion issues or give
you stomach pain if you’re prone to experiencing stomach pain particularly
after eating it may be best to hold off a few hours before laying down or going
to sleep your stomach will thank you number four
drinking tea sometimes after a large meal we have a dessert which usually
consists of a cup of tea as well though this may sound nice convent of the
dietary guidelines committee dr. Dee rockin otha says that tea should be
avoided up to one hour before or one hour after eating a meal the reason is
that T has tannin in it which can interfere with iron absorption number
three eating fruit there really is no bad time to eat fruit
you’re doing your body a favor each time you consume them but that doesn’t mean
that there aren’t some consequences according to dr. Molina Hampel Asst
physician and nutrition specialist for cnn.com fruit has almost three times the
calorie count his vegetables she adds that consuming more than 1/2 a cup of it
per day could cause weight gain it also can cause you to get into the habit of
eating a snack after eating a meal which may also cause you to ignore your
fullness signals from your body number 2 walking many people say that as
soon as you finish a meal the best thing to do is to go for a walk part of that
statement is true and part of it is not walking directly after a meal can cause
acid reflux and indigestion but according to researchers in the
Department of Exercise Science at the University of South Carolina you should
wait at least 30 minutes before taking a walk they added that after waiting for
30 minutes people should walk no longer than 10 minutes the same can be said for
exercising when we exercise our bodies are doing a lot of work and if our
stomachs are still digesting our food as we exercise it could cause stomach
irritation although experts recommend eating a small snack an hour or so
before you work out it’s always recommended to wait a few hours before
working out if you work out right after a meal it can make you feel tired and
sluggish this will hinder your performance it can also lead to stomach
discomfort which can affect the digestion process so try eating a small
snack with a good combination of carbs and protein that’s under 200 calories
about an hour or so before your workout so that you can get the best out of your
workout number one taking a shower in order for
food to digest your body needs energy and blood flow towards the stomach after
eating there’s a lot of blood circulation to the intestines to help
with digestion but when you take a shower immediately after eating the
brain will order the blood to rush to your hands feet legs and arms to
moderate the temperature this means that there will be limited blood flow for
digestion as you can see a big meal can be full of protein and nutrients which
are beneficial to your body but you can also ensure that your body is healthy by
exercising daily and ensuring that you have a healthy diet if you combine these
two key elements with the don’ts you just learned about you’re on the right
track to maintaining a healthy body now that you know what you shouldn’t do
after you eat here are some things you should consider doing before eating a
meal drink water when we drink water it wakes up our bodies and can actually
make us feel more full than we really are
water can also make us feel full faster so if you’re worried about overeating or
are trying to cut some pounds consider drinking water before a meal this will
fill you up faster so that you don’t eat as much and it will also refresh your
body you should also consider swapping out any sugary high-calorie drinks for
water this will help you cut extra calories throughout the day so that you
can indulge in healthy snacks or lose some of those extra pounds
don’t drink alcohol before a meal alcohol is known to slow down the
metabolism this means that if you indulge in alcohol before eating a meal
your metabolism will likely be at a much lower rate causing you to burn the food
much less efficiently if you do want to enjoy dinner and drinks consider having
a drink after you enjoy your meal instead drinking on an empty stomach is
never a good idea this is because alcohol is absorbed much more quickly
when there’s food in your stomach drinking on an empty stomach also makes
alcohol hit your bloodstream faster so it’s always recommended to eat before
you drink never drink on an empty stomach drink coffee or tea before a
meal while we don’t suggest drinking tea right after a meal it might be a good
idea to drink green tea or coffee right before a meal this is because caffeine
can actually help boost your metabolism before you eat the meal if you’re not
much of a coffee drinker try drinking some green tea which is also known to be
a powerful antioxidant which not only boosts your metabolism
but also decreases inflammation while we don’t suggest overdoing it on the
caffeine drinking even just a little bit of green tea can help boost that
metabolism so go ahead and give it a go are you guilty of doing any of the
things in this video what are your regular post-meal rituals
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