5 Reasons Why Natural Lifters Don’t Age Drastically | STAY YOUNG & HEALTHY FOREVER!

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So the reason why I decided to make this video is because I recently got carded for buying scratch ticket And for those of you don’t know what that means it basically just means they didn’t think I was old enough to purchase one So I had to show my identification And I mean seriously guys you only need to be 18 years old to buy a scratch ticket And I don’t think I look that young obviously, but we’re godless and many of you get super surprised in the comments section when I tell you how old I actually am I’ve even had people leave comments in the past insulting me because you guys know I advocate full range of motion and They would insult me because they disagree with full range of motion on exercises claiming that it’s going to ruin your joints [I] had one guy we have a comment and he was like wait until you’re 30 years old like me and your joint a destroyed, and I replied broke I’m 32 and a lot of you younger guys [that] watch my videos ask me why I haven’t gained like 50 pounds of muscle since I started my YouTube [channel] and while in this photo right here I was about 155 pounds is me when I was 24 years old and now I sit around a solid 180 pounds and to be honest. I like where I’m at also you guys have to understand that there [is] something to be said for maintaining a physique It’s not like you hit a certain point in your body just stays like that like if that was the case Then America wouldn’t be you know the fattest country in the world and all those people who were in shape when they were younger Wouldn’t be really overweight when they got old up I trade my ass off weekly to stay strong Healthy and Rip and all I do is manipulate my diet to stay lean when I want to be a bit more shredded Or give myself a slight Calorie Surplus when I want to add a bit [more] muscle Which is what I started doing in December And why I recently did grow like 5 pounds not all that was muscle of course But I did put some weight on now for my older viewers that watch my videos You know once you have a family and run a business and life hits you can’t spend five hours in the gym anymore Guys, I’m married and I have a stepdaughter and a dog and a cat But seriously my time is way more limited than it was when I was 24 years old, and if you’re a young dude And you’re watching this video then listen to me when I say that you need to build healthy habits that will last and keep you on track for your entire life if you want to stay looking young and Healthy for as long as possible and with that being said here are my tips to help you slow aging and stay looking young Forever maybe not forever but for as long as possible number one stay Natural and I’m not saying stay away from supplements like protein creatine Glutamine or pre workouts I’m talking about steroids or pro hormones guys When [you’re] natural athlete you’re forced to do things correctly and become much more in tune with your diet And what your body needs You focus on eating right to get all the vitamins and minerals and daily macros you need to reach your goals Which also includes plenty of antioxidants which can lead [to] less premature premature aging factors as well now obviously Drug users can get all the right foods in as well and take the same precautions as a natural lifter but for 90% of the dudes [I] know that [jews] they started doing it because they hit a wall with their games and instead of trying to learn How to overcome it they went looking for a shortcut and at the end of the day if you’re pumped up on [testosterone], you won’t really feel the effects of not eating correctly Sleeping enough or drinking enough water as you would your natural and guys these are the key things that Naturally Boost Testosterone And other anabolic hormones and recovery so you might even say that staying natural holds you to a higher level of accountability When it comes to reaching your goals and reason number two this actually has to do with staying natural as well and because your natural You learn better training habits because you only see gains if you do things correctly and if you make that a part of your lifestyle Obviously, it’s going to go with you forever You have no shortcuts that are keeping you looking your best which results in more healthy choices Daily and when it comes to the gym There’s more than just skipping out on proper form guys a drug user in the anabolic window is A man drug user is basically in the anabolic window all week long at the training. [this] [is] a specific body pot I talked about this in my anabolic window video which I can link to you guys down the info section below but for you The Natural Lifta you need to be training your muscles at least twice a week to take advantage of the 24 to 36 hour Anabolic window if you want to maximize [your] muscle Growth So what this really means is that you will gain a better [understanding] of programming and how to advance in your lips and push through plateaus Reason number three the natural Lifestyle makes you Avoid bad habits or the contributing factors [to] aging like smoking drinking and stress My whole life I have never been into drinking guys and because being a hot gator myself I always needed to take advantage of every [opportunity] I could to promote more muscle gains and drinking can Definitely slow them down as for smoking I mean, I’m happy to say [that] [never] tried a cigarette aside from aging and destroying your body [I] always saw it as a slow form of suicide [seriously] cigarettes will kill you it’s a fact [as] [for] stress when I was a kid I was [very] introverted picked on a lot and holding all that inside would have not been good for my health Training allowed me to release my stress [and] frustration and let everything out [on] the gym floor number four you might look good on the outside, [but] your insides are taking a beating as a Natural lifter all your habits [a] good not just the gym you’re always drinking enough water Eating the right foods and taking steps to ensure that you avoid anything that could be potentially harming your body [I] don’t know if you guys know this but performance-enhancing drugs aside, so many other risks can accelerate pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure hot publications and the very Noticeable early hair Loss and I will link to a video I did a while [back] about the risks of steroids if you want to learn more about that Down the info section below and the fifth and final reason why? Natural lip is don’t age is because you keep eating forever Aside from things that you have no control [over] such as low testosterone As long as you stick to proper eating sleeping and training habits you will for the most part keep your gains and keep your body looking healthy and young Also even if you do begin to suffer from low testosterone as you reach a mid 30s or early 40s [it] can be easily Treated safely and for those of you watching this video who are curious about testosterone replacement therapy? [I] will link you to this video down the info section below for you to watch as soon as this one’s over and you know guys When I was 14 years old and [my] dad dropped me off for the first for my first day of work at gold’s gym here in my hometown He made me promise him that I would stay Natural and he told me that if I did I would be Healthier and as long as I trained hard I would always look helping young well 19 years later I guess I can confirm that what he said to me was true And I really hope this video helps you guys out and if you’re enjoying the content please show some love by smashing that thumbs up button and Subscribing if you haven’t already I have lost more great content coming your way nation so if you haven’t already Click that notification hell Notice the Calyx just call it that from now on click that notification bell So you never miss a new video upload it as always more good stuff coming to