21 Healthier Food Choices

eating healthy is one of the most common
struggles that people have it can be difficult to always make sure you are
making the right choices and to combat cravings education about food and
nutrition is the biggest combatant in the fight for healthy eating today we’re
going to do just that educate you about food and nutrition then tell you about
some of the food swaps you can make in order to have a healthier lifestyle but
first you know what you have to do in order to start that journey towards a
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begin we should talk about some facts about nutrition that everyone should
know they include some fats are good for you and important when you are taking in
more calories than you are burning weight gain happens not all sugars are
bad for you calorie intake is the foundation of
weight loss if you calorie count you can eat whatever you want with portion
control in case you do like bigger portions just make some healthy swaps
for food you normally eat here are some healthy things you can swap out for some
of your favorite food stretch your calories food switch number one lettuce
buns this one is perfect for anyone that loves a good taco wrap or burger use
lettuce leaves to hold everything in place instead of bread lettuce leaves
actually make the perfect tortilla Bowl food switch number two avocado spread
this one is a game-changer if you are someone who loves Mayo swap it out for
some avocado it’s smooth creamy super healthy for you and you will get
addicted we promise another things you use instead of mayonnaise is mustard
while mayo is packed full of unhealthy fats mustard is naturally fat free food
switch number three Greek yogurt next time you’re baking something leave out
the oil and put in some delicious and healthy Greek yogurt it will up the
protein content of your baked goods as well food switch number four cauliflower
if you must have rice then always choose brown over white women’s health magazine
report that white rice is stripped of any
essential nutrients like fiber however there’s another option that’s even
better for you cauliflower rice cauliflower rice is a
great substitute for you guessed it rice use it in any dish as you would normally
use rice and feel good about your meal cauliflower is a magical vegetable that
you can use in so many different ways you can use it to make pizza crust and
even replace the potatoes and potato salad with it
food switch number five pancakes and replacing maple syrup this one is easy
when you’re eating your next breakfast and you’re making pancakes
don’t use the store-bought or white flour buy some whole-wheat flour and
you’re set or if you really want to try something adventurous try a paleo banana
pancake all you need are bananas and an egg another thing to change up next time
you make pancakes leave the Aunt Jemima on the shelf make a nice fruit compote
to pour over your fluffy breakfast there are delicious recipes for fruit compote
out there including a vanilla cranberry compote food switch number 6 mushrooms
if you feel like lettuce as a burger bun it’s not your thing there is yet another
healthy option try a nice portobello mushroom as an alternative food switch
number 7 spaghetti and other pasta when you’re choosing a pasta make sure that
it’s whole-wheat unlike regular pasta whole-wheat pasta has a nutty flavor
that’s filled with antioxidants and fiber also we recommend that you search
the web and buy yourself a zoot allure what is this magic appliance well you
can use it to make zucchini and eggplant spaghetti to replace starchy pasta food
switch number 8 applesauce leave out excess sugar from your baking and
instead use some delicious applesauce for sweetness food switch number 9
broccoli who doesn’t love tater tots besides their cute name there’s small
fried potatoes that are equivalent to heaven but since we’re doing a healthy
swap here try some cute broccoli tots they are just as yummy and 10 times
healthier food switch number 10 yeast nutritional yeast has a gross
sounding name in fact you could say that yeast is the thing you want to eat the
least but um no all right moving on believe it or not the gross
product makes for a great healthy alternative to cheese it even goes great
on popcorn just grab some at your local grocery store footswitch number 11 t our
sugary juices and soda pops a big staple in your diet make a big batch of some
delicious fruit tea with some honey or whatever flavor you like and stick it in
the fridge delicious and nutritious you can also try sparkling water if our
original suggestion doesn’t sound like you’re a cup of tea food switch number
12 milk replace your cow’s milk with some
delicious almond or soy milk homemade almond milk is also an option to police
the ingredients you consume food switch number 13 dried fruits if candy is your
thing and bear with us because we know it sounds like an inadequate replacement
dried fruit is a healthy alternative dried fruit has natural sugars is less
fattening and is chewy just like some candies our food switch number 14
spinach when you’re looking to put vegetables on that lettuce bund burger
of yours make sure you ditch well the lettuce
well it might be good as a bun as a topping it’s kind of boring spinach on
the other hand according to the food experts at Women’s Health magazine has
vitamin K vitamin A calcium and iron plus it can make your muscles get strong
and a little sailor jingle play what’s not to love about that
food switch number 15 cinnamon we know we touched on sugar briefly during the
applesauce segment of this video but there are actually even more places you
can replace the spice in coffee for example try using cinnamon instead of
that sweet white substance it’ll heighten the flavor without the
extra calories here’s another hot tip you can do the same with your oatmeal as
well food switch number 16 salsa you might be aware of this for tortilla
chips but did you know that salsa goes great on regular chips as well next time
you buy those ruffled salty snacks then try dipping them in salsa instead of
something cream based your waistline will thank you trust us food switch
number 17 frozen grapes this might be more of a tip for people with kids but
then again who doesn’t love a good popsicle in the summer those who are
trying to lose weight that’s who so swap out that popsicle for some frozen
rapes according to Women’s Health magazine it’s like eating bite-sized
popsicles with no added sugar food switch number 18 red wine if you’re
going to drink which we don’t recommend if you’re trying to lose weight then
you’ll want to have a glass of red wine instead of beer liquor or margaritas
it’s much better for you than the latter three and there are some more health
benefits as well wide open eats sites that it boosts the immune system it
reduces the risk of stroke it improves cognitive function and a bunch of other
great things wow what a miracle of a drink food
switch number nineteen oatmeal if you struggle to find a decent
breakfast then you should definitely consider choosing oatmeal it’s quick
it’s good and it’s much better for you than breakfast sandwiches or sugary
cereals hey if you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that putting
cinnamon on it makes it even better food switch number 20 lean meats trust us you
don’t have to remind us how good steaks are or bacon or steaks wrapped in bacon
however these might not be the healthiest of choices especially if
you’re trying to lose weight if you’re in that position women’s
health magazine recommends that you opt for lean meats like turkey and chicken
over pork and beef it’ll still give you the protein you need without all the fat
food switch number 21 black coffee we know how much you love your lattes
trust us we do too but it’s not good for you or your waistline at all instead
consider grabbing a black coffee we know it might be yucky but if you get it at
the right places or even better make it yourself you’ll find that it can be even
tastier than those creamy drinks that you usually get Plus once you’re slim
you’ll be thanking yourself and your besties of course of course your palate
may take some time to adjust to these swaps but once it does you’ll find it
hard to go back to unhealthy food and that is the end of our list what did you
think did you find anything you might change about your diet is there anything
we forgot about let us know in the comments section below everything we may
have forgotten about changing diets who knows maybe you can help out your fellow
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